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  1. Hi Andrew –

    I was doing a bit of a search on google for people with my same name (Andrew Frame), and I came across your blog. Interesting stuff! I was taken aback by the story about your heart condition in 2016. In October of 2017 I was also diagnosed with Afib but did not have any benign cyst or growth to deal with. Mostly my rapid/irregular heart beat was caused by alcohol and sleep apnea. What you wrote about your experience and what you said about not worrying about leaving your wife and daughter behind was oddly comforting. Throughout my ordeal, and since, I’ve thought continuously about my damn heartbeat, is it ok, is it regular, am I dying… I am so worried to leave my family behind. But like I said, I found what you wrote comforting. They are capable and smart people, they will be OK. I dont know why that helped me, but it did. Anyhow, just wanted to reach out, say thank you, and wish you continued good health. And, you have a great name!

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