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  1. Hi Andrew,
    I think that this blog is just terrific, keep it up mate, you are an immeasurable part of Napier and Hawkes Bay. I was sad to read of your experiences with the marketing position you applied for, I believe without doubt that you are and will always be the best candidate for that position – its a shame others with the power to make a choice cant or dont see that. I would assume that the position would have had to go to the person with the ‘best’ qualifications, but again, this just proves the short sightedness that lots of ‘corporate’ people have. How much can one love the city if they dont currently live there? As you know I am from Napier, probably qualified in some sense, but by no measure qualified to understand the nuances and detail that you do and have dedicated your life to. I feel sad that Napier has missed out on the best person to steer the ship, so to speak, but nonetheless, you will also prove that your reach, your attitude and your drive to give Napier a brighter future will always reign prominent in the years to come. Truth be told, your work will never come close to any glossy brochure or cheesy promotion that money alone buys. God Bless you and your young beautiful family ‘A Frame’.
    Take Care and say hi to the cricket team for me!!!!

    Dion Campbell

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