Waggy in the Middle

I have a very interesting few weeks ahead of me.

For all of September, I’m one of 20 people who have entered into a competition to live with either Waggs or Amy from More FM Hawke’s Bay.

There’s only one catch – they’re a bit two dimensional:

Waggs at Home

We have to live with these cut-outs all day, every day and take them everywhere we go (and I mean EVERYWHERE!)

Too Much Coffee

There are photo challenges to complete, including getting photos with local landmarks:

Lady Dog Manda

And businesses:


The winner will be the contestant who gets the most text votes and will win up to $3,000 depending on how much they have earned by completing challenges.

But there is a down-side – if contestants are caught without their cut-out, they will lose their votes for the day.

To support me people have to text “Live Andrew” to 559. Texts cost 20c each and you can vote once per day.

Please send a text vote (or five) in for me! I have something very special coming up later this year that needs the money. But that’s for a later blog 😉

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