Dam(n) Hypocrisy

OK, someone stick a fork in the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council – it’s DONE!

To use cricketing parlance, Christine Scott – one of Napier’s three representatives on the council, Deputy HBRC Chair and ardent Ruataniwha Water Storage Scheme backer – has nicked one behind to the keeper and caught herself out.

Now, as anyone with an ounce of fair play in their system would do needs to walk.

She’s out.

That’s it.


Councilor Scott packed such a big hissy fit when fellow councilor, but anti-RWSS advocate, Tom Belford, posted this blog claiming fellow councillors (including Mrs Scott and HBRC Chairman Fenton Wilson) and senior council staff wanted the Ruataniwha dam built “at any cost”.

“In her complaint to Chairman Fenton, Mrs Scott said the claims in the post were untrue, offensive and derogatory”

But in today’s Hawke’s Bay Today she says:

“We have already spent quite a considerable sum of money ($20 MILLION and counting – AF) in investigations to get to here. This dam will go ahead at some stage. Whether it is started this year, next year or whether it’s ten or 20 years out from now, it will go ahead”

Unlike this whole damn dam venture, that last quote is just priceless!

You’ve caught yourself out, Christine!



Leave. Right. NOW!

You have proved your intent to have this horribly expensive debacle go ahead at any cost – TO YOUR RATEPAYERS.

You seem to forget those same ratepayers are also your employers.

To me at least, that is an abuse of power and a huge dishonor to your position – you no longer deserve it!

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