Now She is One


“It’s been a day of tiny triumphs, It’s been a week spent in despair” once sang Jon Toogood of Shihad.

Well, We’ve had a similar, albeit far more enjoyable experience (as opposed to the hassles we went through to have her) over the last twelve months and I was able to reflect on it a few weeks ago, when our daughter turned one year old.

In twelve months we have watched her grow from a tiny, almost animatronic-like being that slowly opened and closed her eyes, made the odd noise and spent most of her time sleeping, feeding and pooping – to a smart, social, highly interactive little girl.

She loves people and they love her. Walking around town carrying her or pushing her in the pram, I have never been so attractive to women – they all want to look at our smiling, giggling, lovely little lady.

She has become an incredibly quick study. We say “good girl” and she claps her hands. We leave the room and she waves goodbye.

Just last weekend I blew her a kiss and she returned the favour. Then, when feeding her lunch, she started picking up bits of her sandwich and began feeding me. She wouldn’t take “No, it’s your lunch” for an answer!

She is incredible and her mother and I love her very, very, much.

Happy first birthday, Baby in Frame!

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