Way to go, Mo!

The evolution of my 2014 Mo

The evolution of my 2014 Mo

As I wrote back at the start of last month, I once again took part in “Movember” this year.

For four weeks my upper lip and jowls became an adoptive home to a huge, hairy caterpillar, a façade of facial fungus.

And while my mo mutated, I did my best to raise a bit of mo-ney for the Movember Foundation.

While it was a bit of a slow start, I finished with a furry flourish of florins and this year I managed to raise a total of $311 – smashing my previous record of $234 in 2012!

Mo Evo

So I have a few people to thank:

Peter and Mary Nixon from my cricket club who donated $10

My old schoolmate Karrie Stephens form Black and White who donated $10

My Christchurch cousin Leisa Thomas who donated a whopping $100

Our wonderful mortgage broker (and carrot cake baker) Judy Steiner from Mortgagelink Hawke’s Bay for her $20

The staff at NOW’s head office who did a quick whip-around and raised $16

Lyn Bailey form the HB Project for her $20 to put me over the $300 mark

And finally, my workmates, who donated a massive $135 in a whip-around on the last working day of Movember.

Thank you all for your support and donations in making this my most moneyed Movember!

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